IPX1031, the nation's largest facilitator of Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges, has aggregated all the content and diligence you'll ever need. Wizards, tutorials, help videos, or start your exchange with a few keystrokes.

Empowerment Through Education

Informed Exchangers are Empowered Exchangers. That is exactly why we've aggregated all our content in one easy to access location.
  • Help Videos

    We've divided up all the individual issues which are concerns for Exchangers and created tutorial video which explain every nuance.

  • Various Calculators

    When you are exchanging and transferring your taxable basis from one qualifying property to another these tools are very helpful.

  • Wizards and 1031 Tech

    There are times when 1031 oriented technology can not only help you arrive at an answer, it can make you aware of pitfalls as well.

  • Comprehensive Tutorials

    Rather than upload the entire Internal revenue Code, we've written some comprehensive tutorials which can guide you appropriately.

  • Did You Know? A 1031 FAQ

    Many times Exzchangers have just one or two questions they need resolved before starting their exchange. This FAQ answers those questions.

  • Start Your 1031 Online

    When it is time to start the exchange process, you can expedite the submission of your Exchanger and sale information right from the App.

Making 1031 Understandable

The easy to navigate 1031 Library App places every 1031 resource right at your fingertips.

1031 Support

24/7 Ask an Expert!

Knowing is always better than not nowing. Have a question? ASsk it and will get you an answer ASAP

Submit Your 1031 Online

Need to get your exchange started and wonder what information IPX needs? The App walks you through it

1031 Analytics

With many properties and variables being involved, you may want some analysis tools. The App has them all


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